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Elaina Cora Smith

I am Elaina’.

I died this year as (Elaina’) in 2020 to be reborn and beginning my life as (Aileen) because of the severe trauma and past trauma that was reactivated this year.

I have learned from this trauma of 2020 to speak up and speak out and ask for the right help for myself because one fit therapy and help did not fit me at all.

I have dealt with courts and the most traumatic incident of my life of a judge laughing at what happened to me and ignoring the evidence too. I seeked out an advocate, crisis line contacts, therapy 3 types and talking to my medical providers and asking for help and saying I shall live and not die to them in myself.

I have told what happened to many people and they prayed for me and I even dug deeper in my faith and spoke to faith leaders for that area of my life and joined groups for support as well.

I am growing like a new person born again and making sure that I am protecting myself, healing, aware of the wrong people in my surroundings as well. I have set boundaries and read materials that is given to by medical professionals and my advocates as well.

It is a process on my journey but highly worth it because I shall live and not die and I am looking forward to a healthier life mentally, physically, spiritually and more.

Never give up on yourself or your life. 

Mental Health Services

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For local mental health counseling, support and crisis response services. If you are in crisis or experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911.