Mental illness affects every ethnic, racial, economic, religious and age group. Roughly one in every four adults will experience a diagnosable mental disorder during their lifetime. Nearly one out of every five children will experience emotional or behavioral difficulty. In Sacramento County, it is estimated that nearly 300,000 residents are living with a mental illness.

Mental illness is treatable, and recovery is possible when education, family, peer and community supports are available and used. However, many never seek help or treatment because of the stigma, discrimination or shame they experience. The result is unnecessary pain and sadness for the person with the mental illness, their family, friends and the community as a whole.

The Mental Illness: It's not always what you think project was initiated by Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services/ Division of Behavioral Health Services (DHHS/DBHS) to:

  • Reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Promote mental health and wellness
  • Inspire hope for people and families living with mental illness

We want to change minds, attitudes and outcomes. As you read on, you may find that mental illness is not always what you think.

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This program is funded by the Division of Behavioral Health Services through the voter approved Proposition 63, Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).