There are countless stories of hope and recovery to be told about everyday people living with mental illness.

To view a collection of stories from people in our community who are living with mental illness, please see the stories below, or visit our YouTube page here.

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Doug Greene

Listen to Doug Greene speak about reaching out to friends and loved ones in dark places.

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Lina Lee

Nobody would choose to feel like this. Depression is not a choice, it’s a mental illness.

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Jennifer Churchill

My story may not be unique, but it is mine. Today I can say I lead a great life with three beautiful children.

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Diane Mintz

Listen to Diane Mintz tell her personal story of hope and recovery.

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Meredith Welch

I always felt different growing up and I was aware of it, but I didn't know how or why.

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Douglas Smith

I have lived with mental illness for most of my life. It’s not easy.

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Lishia Rahman-Jackson

Listen to Lishia Rahman-Jackson share her personal story of hope and recovery.

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Jennifer Buchanan

Listen to Jennifer Buchanan tell her personal story of hope and recovery.

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Judith Gray

Listen to Judith Gray tell her personal story of hope and recovery.

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Kamila Baker

Watch Kamila Baker, a Youth Advocate at Turning Point Community Programs, perform a spoken word piece.

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Andrea Crook

My journey with mental illness began when I was 24 and living in Los Angeles as a hair and makeup artist.

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Patrick Ma

My life was a mess. I suffered through depression and was in denial for a long time.

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Did You Know?

Abraham Lincoln lived with severe depression and Winston Churchill lived with bipolar disorder.

Countless successful actors, writers, musicians and artists have lived with mental illness, including: Catherine Zeta Jones, Carrie Fisher, Margot Kidder, Demi Lovato and Ludwig van Beethoven.

News broadcasters Jane Pauley and Mike Wallace have publicly documented their bipolar disorder and clinical depression.

Olympian gold medalist Michael Phelps frequently discusses his Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder. Other famous athletes with mental illness include Basketball Star Royce White, wide receiver Brandon Marshall, Golden Glove winner Jimmy Piersall, baseball players Dontrelle Willis and Zack Greinke and former football greats Lionel Aldridge, Herschel Walker and Greg Montgomery.

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